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The power of Google People Card: Your online personal brand


The Google People Card is a tool that has become very popular. With this cool new feature, anyone can make a virtual business card that makes it easier for others to find and get in touch with them on the most popular search engine in the world.

What is a Google People Card?

People who search for your name on Google will see your Google People Card, which is like a virtual business card. It’s a short digital summary of who you are that lets you show off your skills, professional information, and social media profiles all in one place. This feature is great for professionals, freelancers, business owners, and anyone else who wants to be seen more online.

google people card

Why should you create it?

Creating a Google People Card isn’t just a trend in the digital world. It’s also a smart move that can have a big effect on your professional life and online presence. If you have a People Card, it’s more likely that co-workers, potential employers, collaborators, or anyone else looking to connect with professionals in your field will find you.

You can choose what information you want other people to see and show it to them. What other people think about your professional identity depends on how well you write your bio. Make sure to highlight your abilities and past successes.

By creating your People Card, you have the power to shape the information that others see about you online. It’s an opportunity to present yourself in the best light possible.

How to create a Google People Card?

Let’s see step-by-step how to make your People Card. Make sure that it not only shows off your skills and accomplishments but also grabs the attention of people looking to connect with you online.

Make sure you’re logged in to the Google account you want to link to your virtual business card. If you don’t already have a Google account, creating one is a simple process. Having a separate account ensures that your People Card is associated with the correct identity.

Go to your Google account’s “About Me” section and fill out the fields with your professional information. Create a clear representation of your professional identity. Include your location, occupation, education, and a short but compelling bio that highlights what’s important about your knowledge and skills.

Include links to your social media profiles, website, or any other platforms that showcase your professional journey. While sharing contact information is recommended, find a balance between accessibility and privacy by sharing only the information that you are comfortable making public.

Choose a high-quality, professional-looking photo that reflects your personal brand. Take a moment to review the information you’ve entered before presenting your People Card to the digital world. To see how your card will appear in search results, click the “Preview” button. Check that everything matches your professional image, then simply click “Save” to publish.

Tips for creating an impressive Google People Card

  1. Authenticity is important. Be realistic in how you present yourself. Your People Card reflects your professional identity, and authenticity builds trust.
  2. Strategic keyword: To optimise your card for search engines, include relevant keywords in your bio and details. This can help you appear more frequently in relevant searches.
  3. Regular updates: Keep your People Card fresh by updating it whenever your professional details change. This ensures that your digital identity is always up-to-date.
  4. Professional tone with a personal touch: Create a balance in your bio between professionalism and personality. Allow your individual voice to shine through, making your People Card more interesting.
  5. Check your privacy: Be careful about the information you share. Adjust your privacy settings to suit you, ensuring that your virtual presence corresponds to your desired level of visibility.

Building your Google People Card is a journey of presenting yourself online. Each detail you add to your professional story helps tell it, which makes it easier for people to find you, connect with you, and work with you. Take advantage of the chance to shape your online identity, and let your Google People Card be the digital face of your career.



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